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By a Mother-Daughter Duo

As soon as I was able to fit into my mom’s clothes, I raided her closet. Every time I borrowed something, she’d first tell me its story. Her pieces, some older than me, were (and still are) cool, yet they strike that classic balance which means they will never truly go out of style. This ritual shaped how I looked at clothing and accessories, and also how I approached shopping once I was old enough to begin building my wardrobe.

Fast forward to 2018, we were both seeking a fresh creative outlet. 324 New York was launched, with the goal of creating bags that work with and enhance a capsule wardrobe, have longevity and will, hopefully, be borrowed by someone else’s daughter years later.

We co-design our collections, ensuring that each piece answers both our needs and complement our different styles. Anchored in classics, pared down to truest forms and always versatile.

Arzun - the mother - interior designer by trade, leads production in Istanbul. Bike - the daughter-  focuses on visual communications in New York.

All of our bags are handmade-to-order in our Istanbul atelier, allowing us to produce only what we know will have a home, while creating less waste for the environment.

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