A mother-daughter collaboration BETWEEN TWO CITIES

324 is a seasonless accessories label founded by a Turkish mother-daughter duo. Anchored in classic designs, each style reinterprets a timeless shape with a youthful flair and handcrafted details.
Arzun - the mother - interior designer by trade, leads production in Istanbul. Bike - the daughter- creative director, focuses on the designs and visual communications in New York. 


Our collection of handmade-to-order pieces are produced in our atelier in Istanbul, allowing us to produce only what we know will have a home, while creating less waste for the environment.

With a slower pace and more thoughtful approach to our production process, comes an adjustment to our pricing. By creating a handmade-to-order collection available directly to the consumer, we are able to offer the highest handcrafted quality at more affordable price points.  

Handmade-to-order is also an invitation for you to become a part of the process. When you place your order, you can choose from a selection of stitchings and edge-paint colors to personalize your handbag as a unique piece only for you. For additional questions or requests, please send us an email at 


Our signature triangular piece was conceived from the idea of reducing waste and bringing purpose to even the smallest pieces of leather. During a process that requires four hours of meticulous reworking, each piece is crafted from layers of scrap leathers, which are then stitched together, shaped, sanded and then finished with hand-painted edges.

We work with locally-sourced and readily-available raw materials. Our leathers are byproducts of the food industry and we only use natural fabrics like jute and untreated cotton canvas. 


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