324 New York is a seasonless accessories label, launched by a Turkish mother-daughter duo with the goal of creating bags that work with and enhance a capsule wardrobe. Anchored in classic designs, each style reinterprets a timeless shape with a youthful flair and handcrafted details.

Arzun - the mother - interior designer by trade, leads production in Istanbul. Bike - the daughter- a creative director, focuses on visual communications in New York. The pair co-designs each collection together.

Collections are handmade-to-order in 324's atelier in Istanbul. 


The handmade-to-order allows us to take a more sustainable approach to the creation and production processes.

Each month, we accept orders for a limited time on our website. The most current order + ship date are listed on individual product pages. Once our ordering window closes, production begins at our at our atelier in Istanbul. We produce only what we know will have a home; nothing more. Two weeks later, your bag ships free of charge, wherever you are in the world.

.Producing on demand means minimal waste, reduced inventories, and a lesser contribution to fashion industry’s harmful impact on environment. This also means you can be a part of the process. Not only are you shopping sustainably, but you can also take part in choosing the details that make your bag. If you have any requests — like a longer or shorter strap, or the color of a stitch — our personalized approach means we are able to work with you directly to make a bag that you’ll love and wear for years to come. 

And lastly, we ship directly from atelier to you. This means we can offer beautiful, handcrafted quality at an affordable price…and no additional carbon footprints. 


Our collection of handbags that reimagine timeless classics are crafted with meticulous attention and subtle yet noteworthy details.

Our signature triangular piece was conceived from the idea of reducing waste and bringing purpose to even the smallest pieces of leather. During a process that requires four hours of meticulous reworking, each piece is crafted from layers of scrap leathers, which are then stitched together, shaped, sanded and then finished with hand-painted edges.

We work with locally-sourced and readily-available raw materials. Our leathers are byproducts of the food industry and we highlight natural fabrics like jute and untreated cotton canvas. All our hardwares are nickel-free and are custom made in a family-owned factory in Istanbul. We use world's finest zippers by YKK.