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324 Portraits: Tara

324 Portraits: Tara

Tara is one of those people you feel a connection with immediately. Creative, talented, warm and smart, she was a blast to hang out with and photograph. I met up with her on a cold Saturday morning in her Bed-Stuy apartment to catch up and explore her neighborhood.

xo, Bike 

Name: Tara Lamont-Djite
Occupation: Freelance fashion and beauty writer,  PROFYLES founder 
City/ Neighborhood? Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn
Instagram: @tldjite

What is going on these days? 
Debates over what is going on (and wrong) in the fashion industry, moving apartments and as usual a million projects in the works. 

What is your favorite thing about your neighborhood? Any tips?
I'm obsessed with discovering new places, new brands, new things and everyday there seems to be something new popping up around the area. My tips is to stroll down Tompkins Avenue for cute stores and restaurants. 


Describe your style in 2-3 words.
Classic, chic, cool.

What is in your bag during the day? 
Always Advil, a Chanle compact mirror, Glossier balm and lipstick, a brow brush, RMS Un-concealer, gum, keys, sunglasses, and my credit card, ID, and metro card. I don't carry a wallet. 

And at night?
I pretty much just carry the cards, compact and mirror.

Why did you pick your 324 bag?
Firstly, I love the color. Finding a hunter green in such a deep beautiful hue is hard. I'm also a big fan of a mini bag and this small boxy shape is perfect for me— and it actually carries a lot! I got 3 green apples in there the other day.



Favorite artist/piece of art?
Georgia O'Keeffe. But does anyone have just one favorite piece of art?

Current theme song?
Opening (Fakear Remix) by Superpoze

What inspires you?
Definitely other creative women, art (particularly photographers like Gary Winogrand and Vivian Maier, movies and books.

How would you define creativity?
Creativity is a passion within you that you can't NOT do, a scratch you can't strand not to itch.

Favorite place in the world? 
My bed. Hands down. Then Paris with Italy a close third. 

Anything else you want to add?
Always do what you love. Love is the most important thing.



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