324 Portraits: Sonia

324 Portraits: Sonia

Sonia Langlotz
Occupation: Digital Strategist / Boxing Instructor​
City/ Neighborhood: Gramercy​, New York 
Instagram:  @slanglotz​

What is going on these days? 
So much! Using 2018 as my "year of yes" both personally and professionally. Trying to step out of my comfort zone daily and just concentrate on doing what makes me happy!​

What is your favorite thing about your neighborhood? Any recommendations?
​ It is the perfect intersection of family and rowdy young people. I'm a quick walk to Union Square or the East Village and there are the most beautiful brownstones that just pop out from no-where. I love it. ​

You also teach boxing, how did you get into it?  
​I've always been a fitness girl, going to classes and gyms all over the city. I found boxing just over 3 years ago and knew it was for me instantly. It is one of the only sports where your brain is working just as hard as your body so there is literally no room for other thoughts or outside distractions. I loved that immediately. Also, it is badass to punch stuff!​ When I quit my job to start my own business the gym I train at was expanding and asked if I wanted to train to become a teacher. I jumped at the chance and it brings be so much joy. 

How do you find balance in your busy schedule? Any self-care tips? 
​I try to remember that an e-mail can always be answered in a few hours. Same with texts or notifications. ​ Don't let them distract you from the task at hand (this is easy to say but SO HARD to do!). I've also spent a lot of time recently identifying things that trigger stress and anxiety. Instead of pushing them aside, I acknowledge that feeling and take a few deep breaths. I think a lot of people try to say you shouldn't feel certain things, when it is actually a lot easier to lean into the feeling and deal with it appropriately, then move on once you feel like you have it under control.

What inspires and motivates you?
​ ​My friends, family, clients, colleagues. I am constantly inspired and pushed to do more by interacting with unique people. Everyone has a story or a mission and I hear something new that triggers me every day to keep pushing or working at something that maybe had fallen to the wayside. 
Describe your style in 2-3 words.
​ Feminine, Functional, Erratic (sweats one day, power suit the next)

What is in your bag during the day? 
​Sunglasses, at least 5 types of lip balm or chapstick​, face wipes and deodorant (i'm always running from teaching class to a meeting), a water bottle, trident white gum, earphones and a snack

And at night?
​  My Bobbi Brown lips/cheeks duo with a mirror, roll on Le Labo 'the noir', ​gum or mints, extra hair ties



Current theme song?

 Anything off of the new Cardi B album "Invasion of Privacy" but my summer theme song is definitely going to be "I Like It" - Cardi B, Bad Bunny, J Balvin

Favorite place in the world?
 TOUGH QUESTION...New York but then Florence Italy.
Anything else you want to add?
 Outfit Credits??
Look 1 - Dress by Habitual, Shoes are Manolo Blahnik
Sunglasses are old Elizabeth and James

Look 2 - Jeans are 3x1, Top is last spring - Sea New York
 Sunglasses - Celine, Shoes - SHUTZ



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